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Loyalty Programs 101: An Introduction!


  • Loyalty Rewards means the more loyal you are to a brand, the more benefits you get
  • It’s completely free to start
  • To maximise it, you must
    i) Put where most of your money is going into a specific brand with a great loyalty program
    ii) Choose the credit card which provides the best rewards
    iii) Be loyal to a brand which has a great loyalty program and partners with your credit card company
    iv) Spend only on what you need
    v) Be patient with collecting your rewards



“It’s a lot like dating, sure it’s fun to mess around with every bird in the sky, but if you want her to love you back, she needs you to commit. In this case SHE’S the airline.” – Casey Neistat, February, 2013.


Expecting a reward from your significant other after taking them out on an expensive date might seem a little maniacal. However, swap your significant other for an airline, and expensive dates for expensive flights, and you get the essence of the face of loyalty rewards, Airline miles.


What’s a loyalty reward might you ask? Little did you know you’re probably entitled to A LOT of them. Loyalty rewards are essentially the benefits and discounts you get after being an on-going user of a specific brand. It isn’t limited to just airlines, but works for other business’ such as restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, online transportation and pretty much anything else you can think of.


The best part is, it’s completely FREE, all you have to do is register yourself which only takes a couple of minutes!


However, loyalty rewards go far beyond just gifts and discounts. It’s your gateway to a better, more fulfilling life. It enhances your everyday routine to the next new level, but what outlandish acts must you commit in order to receive such a divine state? Luckily, just a little bit of digging.


Well, a lot of digging actually. Yet as we said, you’re pretty lucky that you found us. We’ve done all the nitty-gritty for you and made a summary about everything you need to know about fully maximizing your loyalty programs.


      1) Finding out where most of your money goes

Yeap, we lied again. Sorry about that, but you can’t expect us to do EVERYTHING for you.

     So here’s where you come in:

  1. Look into your monthly spending
  2. See where most of it goes to
  3. Choose the related retailers
  4. Look for ones which have loyalty programs
  5. Select the best program
  6. Continue utilizing that


Let’s say you spend around Rp 4jt a month on groceries, but you shop from a whole list of different marts, but did you also know that Ranch Market has a loyalty program which provides a 10% discount on all products on Sundays? That saves you Rp 400k a month and all you have to do is to buy your groceries from them specifically. On top of that, it also forces you to get all your groceries a week done in one day, which saves a lot of time with a bit of planning!



     2) Selecting the right credit card

If Air Miles is the face of Loyalty Rewards, then credit cards would form to be its body. Every time you swipe your credit card, you get a specific number of points with which you’re able to exchange for

  • Air Miles
  • Cashbacks
  • Shopping Vouchers
  • Discounts
  • Access to lounges
  • Merchandise


The value of each point varies widely from card to card, along with other factors taken into consideration such as partnered companies and reward expiry dates, this may be the most challenging decision to take, however also the most rewarding if done properly.

     Take the Standard Chartered Worldmiles credit card. It receives 1 mile for every Rp 7500 spent, whereas the Citibank PremierMiles Card receives 1 mile for every Rp 8750 spent, however it also provides its user with 5000 bonus miles upon registration. To further read on about this comparison, along with the HSBC Premier Card and CIMB Infinite Card, click here.



    3) Maximising your best options

This step requires you to combine the 1st and 2nd step, and might prove to be quite challenging to those who aren’t very patient. Some credit card companies partner with different retailers and provide bonus reward points for purchases made with them, being loyal to retailers who have excellent loyalty programs and receive bonus reward points from credit card companies with excellent reward programs may double your efforts!



    4) Don’t spend just for the points

The biggest mistake people make when they first try to climb the point ladder is that they’d buy whatever just to do so, but this would only backfire on you. Your new spending habits would lead to A LOT of unnecessary spending and might just cost more than whatever benefits you’re trying to get!


The whole point of following a loyalty program is to save money by profiting from keeping a successful routine, not try to excessively buy whatever aiming for the reward.

Slowly but surely is always better!


   5) Patience is a strong mans game

More than anything else, loyalty rewards is all about patience. What any loyalty program does is make it look like it’s near to impossible to reach your ‘free flight to Bali’ but extremely easy to reach your ‘free neck pillow’. However, would you really have 10 different neck pillows over a trip to Bali? All you need is to see the long term goal and organize your spendings to increase your prestige level and enjoy even greater awards!

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